Born without eyes


While I was out for a stroll and I found this rock to sit on.


Ariel was born without eyes (Bilateral Anophthalmia).


The doctors did not recognize that Ariel had no eyes right away.  As they do with every new baby they apply drops to the eyes to clear out the mucus after the delivery.  They notice that the drops rolled right off the lids and did not sink in.  First instinct was that the eyelids were fused together, but after further investigation by a pediatrician they recognized that there were no eyes.


This being known, they did more detailed investigation and found out that Ariel had a reversed aortic arch, sequestered lung, and a tethered spinal cord.



Anophthalmia - is rare deformation in which eyes do not develop during the first 28 days of pregnancy. Bilateral meaning both.


Reverse Aortic Arch - instead of the Aortic arch going of the heart to the left it goes off to the right.  Thus supplying the right side of the body with blood first.


Sequestered Lung - is when the lung has an extra piece on it.


Tethered Spinal Cord - is when the spinal cord wraps around the vertebra.


GERD - is gastroesophalgeol reflux when gases from the stomach go backup up the pipe and can even go into the airway, causing great pain.