Born without eyes


While out for a drive we stopped to look at a train and found this wonderful spot to sit and think.

My Updates

Since Ariel's surgery in March 2001 on her stomach, she is a much more lively healthy little girl.  She continues to progress by leaps and bounds.  Ariel can get up by herself pulling on furniture.  She has started feeling for toys hidden up on couches, chairs and foot stools.  She enjoys bouncing up and down on our water bed or on a well placed foot.  She is starting to take some steps by herself now, baby steps but we will take any we get.


On October 18th 2001 Ariel's adenoids were removed, they were swollen and causing her problems with her breathing at night.  Since they were removed she hasn't stopped breathing any more.


On November 22nd 2001 Ariel went in for teeth surgery, they thought they would have to fix a lot of teeth, but it so happens all they needed was a good cleaning.


On February 25th, 2002 the doctors attempted to place conformers overtop of her saline implants, to get her eyes ready for new prosthetics in November.  The surgery wasn't successful as there wasn't enough room for placement, but the doctors have a good idea what they will be able to do when the saline implants are removed.



In May 2002 Ariel went for a CatScan to verify the development of her sockets in preparation for surgery to remove the implants in November.


June 24th & 25th Ariel had lots of doctors appointment at the Glenrose Hospital for spinabifida clinic.  They noticed a slight problem with the way Ariel walks and are not going to do anything about it at this time...   Hoping it will correct it self with little or no intervention. 


The Great Mohican Gathering has raised significant funds for Ariel medical expenses over the years.  This year was no different.


February 20th, 2003 Ariel went into the University of Alberta Hospital for head surgery, Dr. Gorman Louie removed the tissue expanders from her eye sockets and cleaned up some of the bone so that it wouldn't be to sharp.



In the near future:


Dr. Johnson at the Royal Alex hospital will attempt a new product that has come to him from Germany.  It is in gel form and when water is applied to it, it expands to fill in all the gaps.  This will continue to work on Ariel's eyelids as they are still partially fused.





Ariel has been going to pre-school with GRIT (Getting Ready for Inclusion Today).  Ariel loves school and the children love Ariel.  Ariel has been started taking Orientation and Mobility through GRIT with the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) instructor.  Ariel has also been swimming often, going to gymnastics and music lessons...  


Ariel has become much more vocal in the past few months not only talking but also with sign language telling us to STOP (her favorite sign).  Ariel has started exploring on her own more deciding where she wants to be by walking or crawling.