Born without eyes



Unable to see the world around you

Unable to see the clouds above

Unable to see the color blue

Or what your reflection looks like in the mirror

All these precious things we take for granted

All these thing we don’t seem to think twice about

Until one day

When our loved one come into this world

Missing only one thing

The eyes that help you see


Born blind

Unable to see what lies around her

Unable to experience the beauty we do

Unable to look into her mother’s eyes

The colors, the shapes, facial expressions

All this has no meaning

Why? was a common asked question

But nobody knows


No eyes means nothing

For she will never miss what she never had

A family to take care of her

Love from everywhere

She is beautiful and healthy

And there is nothing more

That one could possibly do


She’ll grow just like any other

Not thinking that she is different

Independent she will become

And off she goes in her little world

As if nothing was ever wrong


She’ll walk through the park on a sunny morning

Catch the smile on your face

Capture the emotions that lie within

And one day she will picture it

That way that she believes it to be


No eyes

This means nothing

For she will grow and prosper

Just like any other

And powerless she will not be

For her strength within will pull her through

Just playing tunes on my cd player while traveling tough the zoo.


By Melissa Boutette

Melissa is Ariel’s cousin